100 Days from Today: New Communication

Today I wrote to Holy Cross general counsel Vincent O’Rourke with an email about the need to change communication since virtually all other communication since Fr. Boroughs became president has been futile.   I reminded him that 1,132 days have passed since the college agreed to settlement talks.    After I wrote, I received a reply that O’Rourke is no longer the college’s general counsel as of tomorrow, and I was asked to write to Jane Corr, a special assistant to Fr. Boroughs.

I wrote to Jane Corr with a message to give to Fr. Boroughs.   I said this:

One thousand one hundred and thirty two days have passed since Holy Cross agreed to “settlement talks”.  The college has done nothing since then, and most notably never got back to me about mediation.   Instead, with the help of students and faculty, I’ve learned many times that the college administration tells lies about me.   Among other times, it especially tells lies every September.   Faculty and students tell me about the lies, even providing the texts.


If the college continues to make no effort re “settlement talks” or keeps telling lies about me, then one hundred days from today I will have to communicate differently.   The college doesn’t need 100 days to do better, so that’s enough.   All of my effort to date has been futile, so communication has to change.

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Changing Communication

I was a philosophy major at Holy Cross at a time when most of the focus was on existentialism and history.   Some colleges were more focused on language and hermeneutics which Holy Cross covered too, but not much.

For awhile  recently I sensed two sources of passion in me growing at the same time.  Civil rights and communication that works.   Through this experience with Holy Cross, 2012-2015, I found that practically no communication works, and less with time.  It stands out because all my other experience with Holy Cross was different, full of easy communication, responses that fit, and a willingness to listen.   This is not today’s Holy Cross.   Today if you speak up about problems and share your bad experiences, the College will tell lies about you, break laws to try to shut you up and make you go away, and tell people they tried to help but you refused — when that never happened.

So I am planning a new way of communicating the next time the college will tell lies about me.  Since I’ve been on this road for awhile, I’ll be ready.

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Catching Up

I’ve had so many other things to do,  and while doing those things I daydreamed about writing here and about protesting at Holy Cross, but had to do other work.   I am surprised but okay with it.    Why?  I am pretty sure the College of the Holy Cross will still be there when I have time.   Mediation — mentioned in the last post — was rescheduled for May.   It does not involve Holy Cross.   It’s mediation with the Jesuits responsible for the Jesuit perpetrator, who is somewhere else.    Holy Cross told me three years ago that it would get back to me about mediation but it never did.   I expect a long haul with Holy Cross.  It’s been a long haul so far.

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Someone in my case offered mediation….

….so all the other lawyers check up on it.  Documented.

At least four breaches of confidentiality and privacy.  I know this because I waited weeks to say anything myself after mediation was available, so AGAIN, I can document the way these lawyers treat victims as scum and violate privacy because they see benefits to themselves.   Never once, not a single time, was a violation of privacy a benefit to me.   It is only for the benefit of these lawyers’ clients who obviously want to violate privacy and confidentiality.

Read this again, please.    Thanks.

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Colleges Still Ignore Sexual Assault

Recently two Vanderbilt University students were convicted of sexually assaulting another student and two other Vanderbilt students are awaiting trial.   The victim had no memory of the sexual assault, but one of the perpetrators took pictures which became evidence.

But…. there was no student uprising at Vanderbilt to address any of this.  The student population is eerily indifferent.    http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/29/us/vanderbilt-rape-trial-didnt-stir-students-on-campus.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&module=second-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0

I don’t know the right explanation for this, but it got my attention.   There’s a problem here.

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Holy Cross Has a New Chair of the Board

I’ve written often about Kevin Condron, the chairman of the board through my entire vigil for justice at Holy Cross.   The Board of Trustees has been lazy and non-responsive, allowing one civil rights violation after another and ignoring me when I complained about each one of the civil rights violations.

I regularly check the Holy Cross website and learned today that the college has a new board chair, John J. Mahoney, Jr.   So, John Mahoney will become my new companion on this road.  I guess that there will be ten to thirty more years, and many college presidents and board chairs.   I will see it through for as long as it takes.

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So What if it’s Hard

Ellen Ryder, the professional communications person at The College of the Holy Cross, never corrected her mistakes in an email she sent about me to the whole college community.   Maybe she thinks that’s her job:  put out a story that is not true.

Kevin Condron, the chair of the Board of Trustees at The College of the Holy Cross, did not seem to give a damn when the college arranged for large trucks to block his view of me and my protest for the few minutes when they thought he was leaving and would drive by.   I moved out into the road (not a stupid girl) and yes, he saw me.   FYI, I didn’t know why trucks parked in “no parking” areas and blocked my sight all of a sudden, but I had been there often enough to know it stuck out and I better see what happens, so I walked out to stand on the other side of the trucks and who drives by?  The chairman of the board.

Philip Boroughs, president of The College of the the Holy Cross, is afraid of me.   Really.   I met with the former president, Michael McFarland, three times.   He asked for two of the meetings, I asked for one.   Boroughs must be afraid.

Vincent O’Rourke, general counsel for The College of the Holy Cross,  told my former lawyer I had a “negative history” with the college.   But O’Rourke never could prove that.   I get kudos from Holy Cross staff, alums and faculty all the time;   people who are not afraid of me and actually have conversations.


When I began this post, I didn’t expect to be naming and writing about people and my experiences with them.    I was going to say why I have endurance for the long run.  But when I began to write about my endurance, I realized it was centered around my experiences with people, hard and easy.   Some of this road has been tough, but it won’t matter.   I am one of the luckiest people in the world, because I can take a stand for justice here.   More on that another day.  Gotta go walk the dogs.

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