Fr. Boroughs Breaches Confidentiality Again, A Lot

I don’t know what’s going on with Fr. Boroughs, but after a decade of complaining about privacy breaches, and thirteen months of trying to tell Fr. Boroughs about the problem after he arrived last January, he STILL lets it happen. Here is a simple example.

I began this blog yesterday morning. I had been planning to do things differently if I ever had to return to Holy Cross for this ordeal, and one thing I wanted to do was blog about it. So I set it up, made two posts, and told one person, just one person.

In an email titled “Confidential to Fr. Boroughs” sent to the college’s general counsel, I let Fr. Boroughs know I set up the blog and provided the web address. Two minutes later I had my first visit to the blog — from Worcester. In less than two hours I had visits from Boston College and the New England provincial, and several businesses in Braintree, Boston, Brighton and Worcester.

There were 51 visitors, all from my one confidential email to Fr. Boroughs. I did not tell anyone else about this blog and I still haven’t. You cannot find it on google yet. It’s too early. Most of the visits were from direct links, indicating they were given the URL — which I only gave to Fr. Boroughs through his lawyer in an email marked “Confidential to Fr. Boroughs”.

Again, this is not about someone reading a public blog, but how they learned about it. This is not the biggest problem I’ve had in ten years, but it caught my attention because it’s how many of the problems happen with Fr. Boroughs.

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