Talking About It

It’s a curious thing that I am blogging about this.   I don’t like to talk about it.  I could never say the perp’s name and just called him “that priest”.  In therapy with a kind therapist, I always shut down when he brought it back to this.   My best antidotes to this ordeal?   Hiking in the mountains, and meaningful work when I’ve had it.  And dogs.

I didn’t blog about it last year when I was on the Hunger Strike for Justice.  I didn’t have words.  I expected it to be over.  I thought there are reasonable people in the Holy Cross administration and the problems would be addressed.  Even though I had endured many years of delay in addressing hundreds of confidentiality breaches, I did not plan on more.

So a year later with experience, I am doing things differently.   I am renting a place instead of sleeping at friends’ homes and kenneling my dogs like I did last year.   Right now I plan on three years of renting, just for this vigil.   I made plans for mail and phone — just winged it last time.   And I am aware that I’ve changed and continue to change through all of this — and will change more.   I kind of like that.

The strongest push to blog came from Holy Cross after my communications to Fr. Boroughs were grossly mishandled.   (Fr. Boroughs has also never responded to anything in thirteen months in office.)   I realized I need a different place to communicate.  And I have a lot to say.

So, here I am blogging and I am expecting it to last ten years.   It will be “fun” to check in and mark all the delays.  Holy Cross always delays.   Ten years.   Watch!

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