Fr. Boroughs Retaliates, Part One

One of the uniquely different things about Fr. Boroughs is he retaliates.   I cannot even imagine Fr. McFarland retaliating or allowing anyone else to do that.   Fr. Boroughs retaliates.

I got an invitation from the Holy Cross Alumni Office to attend a basketball game.   I responded and reserved tickets knowing I could cancel.  I had something else to do that day, but I wanted to be able to go and I wanted to see how Holy Cross would treat me.  That was January 3, 2013, a month ago.

I got a swift reply the same day:

“So glad you can join us for the Class Agent Basketball game on January 19! We will have 4 tickets ready for you at the table in the Hart Center.  Please let me know if your plans change and you no longer need any or all of the requested tickets.
Happy New Year!

This reply was normal for Holy Cross, but still it was so nice to receive.   I was getting an awful lot of crap from the administration of Fr. Boroughs, but at least the alumni office still knows how to talk to people.

Then Fr. Boroughs’ retaliation kicked in.

Five days later, January 8, the college general counsel canceled the invitation extended to me by the alumni office.   He said there is an internal list with my name on it.  He said I received the invitation in error and “Holy Cross has officially rescinded the invitation”.

This is how Fr. Boroughs retaliates.   Fr. McFarland NEVER would have treated me this way.

A couple days later a different alumni group invited me to a tailgate at Holy Cross.  I did not have to register, just show up.

A week later I got four invitations to events, all from the band alumni.

This is just a snapshot of Holy Cross in early 2013 with a college president who retaliates and a wider Holy Cross community that does not.

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