Jean Donovan

The last few days I’ve been trying to add a blog widget for blogs I follow and sites I like.  I wanted to call it “Stories that Matter”.   So far no luck adding that widget.   Why?  There are plenty of stories that matter, but WordPress only allows adding a site with a continuous RSS feed, not a static page.

So instead of putting it in the sidebar,  here is the first site I would have added if I could have done it:

I am very aware of stories of women who are threatened for what they do.

And this is the first paragraph:

Published on Friday, December 2, 2005 by
The Life and Example of Jean Donovan
by John Dear
Twenty five years ago today, December 2, 1980, four North American churchwomen were killed by U.S.-trained and funded death squads in El Salvador. I remember exactly where I was when I first heard the news. I was a senior at Duke University, with plans to enter the Jesuits the following year. I bent down to pick up the Durham Morning Herald, and was shocked by the headline: “Four Churchwomen Killed in El Salvador.” Their bodies had been found in a shallow, unmarked grave in a barren countryside not far from the San Salvador airport.The deaths of these four women changed my life. They gave me–and thousands of church people around the country–new strength and courage to stand up against U.S. warmaking. Three of them were nuns–Sister Ita Ford, a Maryknoll nun who spent years in Chile; Sister Maura Clarke, a Maryknoll nun who spent years in Nicaragua; and Sister Dorothy Kazel, an Ursuline nun from Cleveland who worked in El Salvador. The fourth woman, Jean Donovan, was not a nun. She had volunteered to go to El Salvador through a church mission program in Cleveland….
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