Fr. Boroughs Retaliates, Part Two

Last summer I was threatened by the general counsel, Vincent O’Rourke, if I followed through on my plan to tell the Board of Trustees about the problems I have had with the administration breaching confidentiality when it wants to, whenever it wants to, just because it wants to.

I followed through with my plan.  I contacted the Board about the problems because the problems were ignored for an entire decade.

O’Rourke followed through with his threats — more retaliation from Holy Cross!!

The Board never got back to me.  Ever.  Period.   O’Rourke continued with his threats.

I told Fr. Boroughs a week ago in a letter that if he did not withdraw and rescind all threats and retaliation, I would begin another Hunger Strike for Justice until he did.  He has not responded.

Freedom is wonderful.   I will be there until this mess is fixed.   I promise.

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