What Happens from One Confidential Email to Fr. Boroughs

Fr. Boroughs is the only person I told about this blog.  I told him in an email labeled “Confidential to Fr. Boroughs” that was sent to the college general counsel.  Through the time I write this, I have only told Fr. Boroughs, and I suppose his lawyer if he read it.

But I have had 71 visitors to this blog.  71 visitors, not views.  69 of these visitors had the URL and two typed the name of the blog in a search engine.   Fr. Boroughs is the only person who was given the URL.   My visits are not counted.

I am explaining how Fr. Boroughs handles confidential email from a person who has been promised full confidentiality by the Office of the President.

I will not be tracking this anymore for many reasons.   I really do not care about visits to the blog, but the breaches of confidential email.  Plus, today I will tell a second person about this blog, though I do not expect him to share it.   Third, I told the general counsel of Holy Cross that I welcome any questions or requests for information from the Board of Trustees, and there is information here they should know about.   And search engines pick it up now, but not in the first two days.

I just could not help noticing when visits exploded and I had only told Fr. Boroughs in a confidential email to Fr. Boroughs sent to the college general counsel.    I only told Fr. Boroughs, but visits poured in.

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