More Confidentiality Breaches by Philip Boroughs

At 9 a.m. today I contacted Philip Boroughs about another confidentiality breach I documented.  Again, I did it through an email titled “Confidential to Fr. Boroughs” that was sent to the college general counsel, Vincent O’Rourke.   I told him what confidentiality breach occurred and the facts I have about how it took place.

For thirteen months Philip Boroughs has ignored every confidentiality breach while allowing thousands more to happen.   At several different times I tried to notify the Board of Trustees and I was always ignored.

I also wrote to Fr. Boroughs by mail on January 26, 2013 about the extraordinary number of breaches of trust, the ten year vigil I believe is necessary to explain it, and the hunger strike that will take place if he does not stop his retaliation.

Because they are fresh and recent, I will closely monitor Fr. Boroughs’ handling of the complaint I made today and his handling of the letter dated January 26.

I don’t know what else to do when the same problems keep happening and no one is willing to take responsibility and stop it.

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