At Peace

I was daydreaming about writing a post about being at peace with this ten year vigil I am beginning.   Then I laughed at myself.  At peace?   With so much adrenalin flowing?   It was the same way a year ago, when I was on a 26 day hunger strike for justice — pumping with adrenalin, excited, standing up for justice.   Not exactly peace, but conviction.

I’ll be at Holy Cross soon for the actual beginning of the ten year vigil.   These preparatory times are special.   I am reminding myself of the foundation and purpose and all that happened up until now.

I know I am dealing with institutions — Holy Cross and Jesuits — that are ambivalent, especially Holy Cross.   Holy Cross has responded in fits and starts, excelling at some things and at some times, and being strangely incompetent other times.   There is little consistency with this Holy Cross administration.  Settlement talks, they say.  Meeting, they say.  Mediation, maybe.   And where did it go?   Nowhere.

So I am going back to where I was a year ago when the college wanted settlement talks after engaging in bizarre retaliation because I was exercising constitutional rights to protest.  Let’s see if we can figure out a respectful way to handle this, and move on.   But I do not see a major conversion experience happening, so I am expecting a ten year plan and will just begin.

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