The Purpose of the Vigil at Holy Cross

The Vigil at Holy Cross begins next week, so it’s a good time to articulate the purpose.

The main reason for the vigil is to communicate differently after all other ways of communicating were futile for years.  Holy Cross has been ambivalent about resolving all the problems I brought to the attention of the administration.  Last year, in April, it said it wanted to engage in “settlement talks” but nothing ever came of it.   There was a meeting five months later, in September, and the administration said it would consider mediation.   But five months later, in February 2013, there has been no more talk about mediation.   Meanwhile, extensive severe privacy breaches continued.

The second purpose of the vigil is to discuss the many breaches of trust after promises were made by the college president.  When I first reported the sexual abuse, Holy Cross handled it poorly, and this experience reminds me of that terrible time.    I’m in a position now to explain these things, and I strongly believe I am not the only person who has had to deal with it.

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