Why Do Confidentiality Breaches Matter?

I have a simple answer to this.

Two Jesuit college presidents of The College of the Holy Cross have engaged in thousands of confidentiality breaches, the vast majority by the current president, Philip Boroughs.

I cannot recall a single one of the thousands of confidentiality breaches that was a benefit to me.   I am always surprised when I learn about it, and I doubt I learn about most.

Here is the other side:  three times on this long road, three different Jesuits asked for permission first when they wanted or were requested by someone else to have contact about me.   And I remember all of them.   Three times.   The respect I was given, and the knowledge they had about their commitments.

The thousands of confidentiality breaches by Fr. Boroughs remind me of what pornographers do, showing no concern about what they do, but more on that another time.

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