I Wrote to the Board of Trustees and Fr. Boroughs

I wrote even though I will be ignored.   I wrote even though there will be no reply.   I wrote even though the college will distort it or lie about it.   Why write?   To mark this important place on the road to justice.  Simply that.

I told the Board and Fr. Boroughs about the things the college general counsel got wrong.   I told them about the purpose for the ten year vigil that begins soon and why it is necessary.  I told them I would begin a Hunger Strike for Justice in response to Fr. Boroughs’ retaliation.  And I shared a proposal to resolve this and invited a response.

I have no illusions after eleven years of being ignored when I reported breaches of confidentiality.  The College does not care, does not value confidentiality promises.  That is why I believe the vigil will last ten years.  Or more.

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