“Waiting For Fr. Boroughs”

Last year during the 26 day Hunger Strike for Justice, a man who walked out of Holy Cross on the other side of the entrance suddenly turned around and walked right over to me.

He introduced himself as a Jesuit priest who lives in the community on campus and he energetically wanted to know what my point was, and I explained.   And then he — obviously annoyed — pointed to the sign that said “WAITING FOR FR. BOROUGHS” and he complained that I was using vulgar words.   I asked him which word in “Waiting for Fr. Boroughs” is vulgar:  “waiting”, “for” or “Fr. Boroughs”.

He said it’s not right because  the  man  just  arrived!!  I said I know and   it   is    not   my   fault   Fr.   McFarland   never   addressed   it.   I said I will do what I said and wait for Fr. Boroughs however long it takes.

Tomorrow at Holy Cross, one of the three signs will say “Waiting for Fr. Boroughs”.   I will have it for ten years.  Watch.   I predict ten years.   I hope that Jesuit comes by again and sees for himself that like Fr. McFarland, Fr. Boroughs did not address it either and it is almost a year later.

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