The First Day of the Vigil for Justice

Today was the first day of the Vigil for Justice, and even in the cold rain it was a pleasant experience.   People honked and waved and slowed to read signs.  I had opportunities to talk about my experiences last year and what has happened since then.   There was talk about how long this might last — if anywhere short of ten years, that is.

I have no illusions about this Holy Cross administration under Fr. Boroughs.   I suspect they are discussing new ways to retaliate and intimidate and silence me — and spending no effort on working this out.   I am tougher now and smarter after a year with Fr. Boroughs.   I was misled many times.   The Hunger Strike for Justice last year ended just over three weeks after it started because the college lawyer said the college was interested in “settlement talks” last April.   That was ten months ago.  Nothing happened.   The college agreed to  meet in September,  and left saying it would consider mediation.   That was five months ago.   Nothing happened.   Except retaliation and more and more retaliation.

That is why I am back now at the same place outside the gates.  I am confident the retaliation will not end and I will have to take a stronger stand against it.  As I mentioned a few days ago, I wrote a letter to Fr. Boroughs and the Board of Trustees with a proposal to resolve this — what the college lawyer calls “extortion” though it clearly says “proposal” in the English language.   That is how low the dialogue has become with Fr. Boroughs.  I do not expect to write to Fr. Boroughs and the Board of Trustees again until I receive a response, and the failure to respond appropriately will be a great motivator to carry on.

I am where I am supposed to be and it’s a lot better than sitting home and drinking beer for ten years.  Day One.

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