Cover up, Conspiracy and the Holy Cross Board of Trustees

I mentioned a few posts back that I have proof the college is engaging in a cover up of the confidentiality breaches.  I can also prove they have engaged in conspiracies to try to make the cover up successful.   Through my own efforts and the help of a Holy Cross alum, I obtained proof that the Holy Cross administration regularly communicates with the administration of the New England province about me and the history of confidentiality breaches at both places.   This is a very significant betrayal of trust, because both the Jesuit president of Holy Cross and the Jesuit provincial promised me strict confidentiality:  they would not share my communications with anyone, not even their lawyer.   They breached this confidentiality thousands of times — and continue to — and most often through their lawyers, and many times engage in conspiracy to make the cover up successful.

Where does the Board of Trustees of the College of the Holy Cross come in?  100% lack of oversight, which enables the cover up and conspiracy to take place.  Since 2003, I have been in touch with the board about problems with the administration of the college not respecting confidentiality promises.   I have NEVER received a reply from anyone on the Board of Trustees. *

I am confident that if the Board of Trustees had ever once taken these issues seriously at any time in the past, I would not be on a ten year vigil for justice now.  There would be no reason.

Next week I am making my first effort with broad media attention.  I would not be doing that if the board addressed any of this.   Later, I am going to locate an investigative journalist with experience with college cover up issues.  I would not be doing that if the board addressed any of this.

It is the total lack of oversight responsibility of the Holy Cross Board of Trustees that has made me have to take these issues public.  Another issue appears to be that Philip Boroughs was a member of the Holy Cross board when he was named president of the college.   Many nonprofits prohibit this practice, but not Holy Cross.  Perhaps that should be examined too.

I am a reluctant messenger of these problems, but the college appears ambivalent about solving them.   So, I have work to do.


* I contacted P.Kevin Condron, chair of the board, several times since January 2012.   When he failed to respond, I contacted board members Brian Linnane SJ, Mark Massa SJ, Susan Feitelberg, and David Grain, and I asked them to share my letter with the entire board.   There was no response from the board.   The college lawyer, who has been a primary participant in the cover up and conspiracy, threatened me for contacting the board.  I told the board about this threat, but I was ignored.

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