Holy Cross Can Never Plead Poverty

Yesterday an alum of Holy Cross donated $25,000,000 to the college for arts programming.

When I was working on a proposal for Holy Cross to resolve the eleven years of severe breaches of confidentiality (after a history of earlier mistreatment by the college), I regularly sought medical advice.   A couple months ago I asked the chief advisor if he thought the proposed plan was “fair”.   He said yes — because the college can do everything I asked the college to do, it should do it.   Because they can do it, they should do it.

I was reminded of what Holy Cross can do when I heard this news of the generous alum’s gift.   I am confident I did not ask the Board of Trustees and the college administration to do more than they can do.  Holy Cross is able.   So I will insist on a just resolution.    And that will take a long time to achieve because they will be unwilling to walk in my shoes.   I am guessing ten years.

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