Holy Cross Can Never Plead Poverty: Part 2

I mentioned this earlier but thought it’s a good time to raise this again.   Because fairness requires that Holy Cross do what it can do, and there is no doubt Holy Cross can do it, here is what I proposed that the college do:

1.  Cover the expenses of this eleven year long ordeal with severe breaches of confidentiality that were never once addressed.

2.  Cover the comprehensive medical advice.

3.  Pay a substantial “community fine” to show the Board’s accountability for eleven years of failure in oversight that allowed these terrible problems to continue.  (The fine would be paid by providing support for nonprofits and programs that help less privileged people.)

There are a few non-economic parts to the proposal, the main one being a written apology from Fr. Boroughs.

The College of the Holy Cross is able to do all of this.  The college has had no response to my proposal.   The Vigil at Holy Cross will continue until there is a fair response.   It’s simple that way.

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