A New Hunger Strike for Justice

Last year, I began a Hunger Strike for Justice when all other ways of communicating with Fr. Boroughs and the Board of Trustees were proving futile and a waste of time.   I needed another way to communicate, a new way.

That Hunger Strike for Justice ended on the 26th day when the college general counsel contacted me for settlement talks.   I went home and waited for the settlement talks, but nothing came of it.   Meantime, I missed the Hunger Strike for Justice and the communication and means of expression that it provided.   I really, really missed it.

A month ago I told Fr. Boroughs that I was going to begin a new Hunger Strike for Justice if he did not stop and reverse all efforts he has made to retaliate.   The hunger strike is 100% about Fr. Boroughs’ retaliation and nothing else.   I told him he had to end the retaliation and let me know he did five days after the Vigil for Justice started.   I never heard anything.

So I will be beginning the second Hunger Strike for Justice at Holy Cross.   This time it will not end until I see results.   I will not be misled, close up shop, stop communicating and expressing myself, and go home and see again that nothing happened, that Holy Cross lied to me.    I was fooled before and I will not be fooled again.

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