Dear Fr. Boroughs

Since you have never responded to any communication even though you have been in office fourteen months, I see no point in trying to communicate privately.

I am writing to make sure you are not confused.

I began a Vigil for Justice at Holy Cross which will continue until justice is achieved.   If you recall, I wrote to you in January and said I was clear on why the vigil is necessary, but I am less clear on what will make it end.   I began the vigil for justice because I MUST do it.   I could not live with myself if I did not.   I do not believe I am the only person at Holy Cross who is being harmed the way I have been harmed.

The fact I provided a proposal to you should not be confused.   Holy Cross offered settlement talks, which is a time when people try to work things out.  Those talks never ended, but have never moved far.   As you know there was a meeting in September and your people left saying they would get back to us about mediation.    There was no mediation.

So, I offered a proposal as part of settlement talks.   And I had a proposal because there are experienced professional advisors in my life who could help draft the proposal.   I also had about eight months of advice from a Holy Cross alum who is experienced in resolving these issues.   I had a proposal at the end of all this effort, so I provided it.   Your lawyer wrongly calls this extortion.   Please look up the meanings of the words if you do not see the difference.

I would have done the vigil even if I did not have a proposal.  And even now, as I said, I do not know what will make the vigil end.   There is not a direct connection between the vigil and the proposal.   I am seeking justice, and we can talk about what that means.  I will probably withdraw that proposal soon, and just continue the vigil until you propose something that is reasonable.

You might be surprised who talked to me most frequently today:   the fathers of daughters who were visiting the college.   They asked very sharp questions about the failings of the Holy Cross administration.    It was a recognition that my work is important.

But you probably won’t be surprised what we “vigilers” talked about:   your retaliation, which never seems to end, and the constant breaches of my confidentiality.   When I talk to the media soon, that is what I will highlight — how I am always expecting more retaliation, and how you never seem to stop betraying confidentiality promises.   If the vigil lasts ten years, so will all of that crap.

I am very deeply disappointed in your behavior, but I have tried to be very measured in what I say.   The strongest sign I have at the vigil about you is “Waiting for Fr. Boroughs”.   I expect to have that sign for ten years.   Anything short of that will surprise me.

That’s all I have to say to you today, Fr. Boroughs, and I’ve said a lot of it already.  So I really need to go back to the vigil tomorrow and communicate differently.   That’s the right way for now, and for awhile.

See you.

An alum

P.S.   Fr. Boroughs, after writing this note to you, I made a decision and here it is addressed to you and the Board of Trustees:

Dear Fr. Boroughs and the Board of Trustees,Due to repeated distortions, false statements and retaliation by the college, a week from today I am withdrawing the proposal I made to resolve this if there has been no appropriate response.   The proposal was offered solely in the context of settlement talks the college began in April 2012.

After the proposal is withdrawn, the Vigil for Justice will continue for ten years.


An alum
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One Response to Dear Fr. Boroughs

  1. After learning about another severe confidentiality breach by the Office of the President, I withdrew the proposal immediately. This severe confidentiality breach followed others that Fr. Boroughs never addressed. Plus, he has permitted false and distorted statements, so I have had enough, and will just go on with the vigil for ten years.

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