He Came Bringing Coffee

A young man came to visit at the Vigil today.    He carried two cups of coffee, saying he knew how cold it was outside and he wanted to show his support for what we are doing and gave the coffee to us.    It blew me away.  He gave his name and told us he was a senior.   Like the other students who came by in recent days, he asked thoughtful questions that showed he knew what we were saying.   Intelligent conversations with students are so vastly different than my interactions with the college president, a Jesuit.   And his sensitivity — going out of his way to get coffee and bring it to us because it was so cold out — well, I cannot even imagine the Jesuit college president or the chairman of the Board of Trustees knowing how to be sensitive and kind.

The deafness and coldness of Catholic leadership toward victims of sexual abuse is very well known.   I saw it exemplified today.   Would Fr. Boroughs ever have shown the sensitivity and kindness of this young man?   I cannot picture it.   Would Fr. Boroughs ever come himself or send someone else for anything other than retaliation?   Probably not.  If you follow the news, however, you see how much attention Fr. Boroughs pays to donors.   When he makes egregious mistakes, violating privacy and confidentiality, he refuses to own up to it.

I am not going to forget the kindness this young man showed today.   He reminds me of the Holy Cross I know.

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