518 Weeks to go — at least

The second week of the ten year Vigil at Holy Cross ends today.

And I am counting my blessings.  I had not had good experiences with people on this subject of sexual abuse unless they were already identified as people to trust — people such as other victims, their friends and family, people who advocate in diverse ways, people like that.

At Holy Cross, physically present outside the gates and holding signs for part of the day, I have been surprised by the kindness and sensitivity of many students, and the curiosity of many others.

And I have found that my life while on the Vigil for Holy Cross is infinitely better than the life I had before and the life I have on trips home.    I said many times that if I was not at the vigil, I would be sitting home and drinking beer.   So, the vigil is a step up, and I know it.

So, Fr. Boroughs, I am not going anyplace else soon.   It’s a better life.   Somehow, you will find a way to call this extortion too or find a way to cover it up or find a way to conspire.    I don’t care.   It’s a better life.

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