A New Proposal

A week ago I withdrew the last proposal I gave to the college to work this out.   I have witnessed that Fr. Boroughs likes to distort things I say.   It’s very disappointing to experience his retaliation and distortions.   It is such a contrast to the frequent kindness of students.

But I gave Fr. Boroughs another proposal today because I had one.   This was the same reason I gave him the last proposal — I had it.  One thing I did differently was define words for Fr. Boroughs, provide the definitions, so he would not have the issues he seems to have reading English.

I like that it is completely separate from the Vigil for Justice, which I did not even mention in the proposal.   The Vigil for Justice is much more about intangible things.   Ending it will come after any efforts made with a proposal.  That proposal is only part of it.

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