Looking Forward

With two weeks of experience at the Vigil at Holy Cross, I see it lasting a long, long time.   The First Amendment allows this type of expression, but the Holy Cross administration has responded with retaliation in many forms and also violated the privacy and confidentiality promised to me by the Office of the President.  So, the motivation to stay is going to continue.

But here’s the other main thing:   I know I am in the right place at the right time in my life.   This is the time for the Vigil at Holy Cross.   I gave Fr. Boroughs time as a new president to learn about the issues, but I never heard from him at all.   I saw the futility of writing to him, and saw that all my contacts are a waste of time.

And the Vigil is better for me.   It is a better life standing up for justice.   It is better to be there than to suffer from the futility and wasted time of other types of communication (i.e. drink beer while I am waiting for a response that never comes).

So I do not see the Vigil at Holy Cross ever ending until I see a much, much improved response from the administration at the College of the Holy Cross.  And if it takes a long, long time, I’ll deal with it.   I have a better life doing something about this.

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