Cover Up, Conspiracy and the Holy Cross Board of Trustees, Part 2

I’ve written about cover ups and conspiracy at Holy Cross before, and the problems that result when the Board of Trustees ignores them. I also wrote about how Fr. McFarland promised confidentiality. There are many more details on both subjects, but I can’t say it all at once and it seems smart to save them for a story some day.

Right now I want to ask Fr. McFarland a question.

Fr. McFarland, did you lie about the confidentiality you promised to me? Lie to Holy Cross people? See the only way any of this makes sense is if you lied about it later.   I know this from the facts I learned later.  In case you have an incentive to lie, remember I have a witness to your promise.

I have plenty of other things to talk about now — the retaliation, the confidentiality breaches, the cover ups, the conspiracies — but Fr. McFarland, I need an answer to this question.   Did you lie later about the confidentiality you promised to me?   It’s the only way things make sense now.  It only makes sense if you lied.

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