Restarting the Hunger Strike

Last year I suspended the Hunger Strike for Justice on the 26th day after the college lawyer said we were in settlement talks.   Those words, settlement talks, refer to a time in which efforts are made to reach a resolution of the issues.   That period of settlement talks has never officially ended, but nothing has ever come from it, besides a meeting last September which led nowhere and a lot of retaliation from Fr. Boroughs.

So I returned to Holy Cross to begin a Vigil for Justice earlier this month.  This is the third week of the vigil.   I expect it to last ten years.

Because Fr. Boroughs never did anything about the retaliation, but instead piled on more, I am restarting the Hunger Strike for Justice.   That was not part of my plan for the ten year vigil for justice, but I believe Fr. Boroughs’ retaliation needs a response.

The one year anniversary of last year’s Hunger Strike for Justice is one month from today!!  I don’t intend to wait that long to restart the hunger strike.  I’ll choose a date by the end of this week, probably about two weeks earlier than the anniversary.

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