Shoot the Messenger

Blame the person who is reporting the problems is the style of the current leadership of Holy Cross — the Board of Trustees and the administration.  I have come to expect it.  Today at the vigil we were discussing what the next retaliation by Philip Boroughs will look like, since it keeps happening.   The leadership seems addicted to it.

They have no idea what I am holding back, what I have not said here and what details I have not shared with them.   I am too familiar with the leadership’s inability to address problems, it’s knee jerk desire to blame the person who discloses the problem, and the fact there will be endless retaliation.

If I have to restart the Hunger Strike for Justice and use that way of communication, I will likely stop holding back all the details I have.   For now, I just want this ordeal to be over, so I want to have a bit of optimism that something will change for the better.  Yes, I know, it has never been good to give Holy Cross more time.   Watch.   They know I gave them a week to work this out — Holy Cross is off this coming week.   The knee jerk reaction will be to unload more retaliation when the week is up —  watch.   I will report it as soon as it happens, and provide some of the details I have been holding back.   We’ll see if there was any cause for optimism.

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