No Response From the Board of Trustees

Many times on this long road of serious privacy and confidentiality breaches — violations of law and Holy Cross policies — I told the Board of Trustees of the College of the Holy Cross about the problems.    I have always been ignored by the Board.

I even told the Board of Trustees about threats by the college lawyer, and no one from the Board ever followed up.  Nothing.

I wrote most often to P. Kevin Condron, chair of the Board of Trustees, and when he ignored me for half a year, I wrote to four people on the Board whose names and identities and contact information I could verify.   I asked them to share my communication with everyone on the Board.   Still, no reply.

After seeing that it is a total waste of time to communicate this way, I set about documenting cover ups and conspiracies and the retaliation — things I can do something about — and thinking (and praying) about returning to the Hunger Strike for Justice that I suspended last year when the college said it wanted to work things out — and never did.

I am perplexed by the poor practices that exist at Holy Cross, but it sure does support my experience that Holy Cross messed up at every single juncture on this long road in the past.   Of course they will blame it on me.  Shoot the messenger.  The truth is Holy Cross just sucks at this, because it is ambivalent, doing some things well and screwing up basic things.   The retaliation really got my attention:  So, don’t address problems, just unload on the person who already endured the shit.

I am not going anywhere.  I am where I should be.   The Vigil for Justice at Holy Cross will continue.

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