Cover Ups by Holy Cross

Some of the accounts of the admission by Cardinal Keith O’Brien that he engaged in sexual misconduct have focused very specifically on the intense efforts by church officials to cover it up before the admission.    The reporter, Catherine Deveney, who was trusted by three priests and a former priest with their stories shared her views on the cover up:

“One of the big difficulties for the church is the instinct to cover up and to protect itself. And what the church does when it does that is to say to individuals that if you have been wronged or harmed in someway: ‘You do not matter as much as the public face of our church,’ and this is something that has to change.”

Substitute “Holy Cross” for the word “church” in those sentences.   It is the same problem I have with cover ups at Holy Cross.   And Michael McFarland, the former president who promised me strict confidentiality, is playing a pivotal role in the cover ups by Holy Cross.

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