“You Have a Negative History with Holy Cross” Part 2

One of the peculiar things that the college general counsel said about me (to someone else) is I have a “negative history” with Holy Cross.

I guess with the Holy Cross administration you have to market yourself, because there are things they will just never figure out on their own.

Several years ago, I met someone who talked about sexual abuse by a Jesuit at Holy Cross when this person was a child.   As a child at the time of the abuse, this adult victim had partial information:  the name of the perpetrator and the fact he was in a religious order, but not sure which one.   The abusive priest helped out in their parish.

I wonder about the Spirit in the world and how I connected with this other victim.   We followed up on the phone.   I said I had doubts the right priest was identified, and this victim THANKED me for helping this way.  We talked about details we both knew.   It was about getting it right.   I have NEVER met a victim who wanted to blame the wrong priest.   So I summed up what I thought showed this was the wrong priest, and offered suggestions on finding the correct one.

A couple years ago I stumbled on something in the news.   A priest was arrested for sexual abuse, and he had the same name the victim had given me a few years earlier — but he went by his middle and last name, not his first.   The name he used — middle and last names — was the same as the Jesuit at Holy Cross.  He was in a different religious order.

I had stepped up and helped work this out because I had facts the victim was looking at the wrong priest, a Jesuit at Holy Cross.   I did that because it was the right thing to do.    And I helped this victim find more information about identifying the correct priest, which happened.

But here is an ignorant Holy Cross administration asserting I have a “negative history” with Holy Cross.    They have their heads in the sand and seem to want to be stupid.

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One Response to “You Have a Negative History with Holy Cross” Part 2

  1. P.S. I took these steps because I knew the Jesuit who was named, and I believed the accusation was wrong, but this is a victim of an abusive priest and there was something to solve. I think this makes me a pretty damn good thinking alum of Holy Cross.

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