Turns in the Road

A lot will change on Monday, March 11, next Monday.

As I said a few days ago, there are serious issues I asked the college to address.   I asked Fr. Boroughs to immediately end the retaliation that the administration seems addicted to.    I also asked Fr. McFarland to write a simple letter affirming the promise of strict confidentiality since the college administration lies about it.   Yesterday I added a third issue I asked the college to address by Monday.  I’ll say more about that next week.

I have seen different turns in the road in my dealings with Holy Cross and I am approaching one now.   During the past three and a half weeks of the Vigil for Justice, many people have told me about sexual assaults and sexual misconduct at Holy Cross, including stories about Jesuit perpetrators.   I’ve been reluctant to write about it on this blog because the college administration reads this.  Next week I will find better ways to share the shocking stories about abusive Jesuits and the outrageous way the college wants to handle the allegations.

I had not thought much about the public aspect of this Vigil for Justice.  I just knew the Vigil was something I had to do.   I found that the public aspect is the most gratifying and meaningful.   I miss it when I am not there.   I am a private, reserved person, but I am finding that people are mostly kind and many say very thoughtful, understanding things to me.  Now I am hearing from other victims of abusive Jesuits, and that changes my life and makes this experience unforgettable.

Monday is Week 5 of the Vigil for Justice at Holy Cross, and things will change.

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