Deteriorating Ethics under Boroughs

The more I learn about Philip Boroughs, the less I am surprised by what I experience from him.   I stumbled across a gem opinion piece by someone at Holy Cross which looks to be a spoof of some events there after Boroughs’ inauguration.  Here it is in full, from the The Crusader student newspaper and it is labeled opinion.    Notice the writer comments on how Jesuits do not have to follow the behavior codes that students are required to follow, and are allowed to be drunken noisy assholes.

While this is labeled opinion, it is very accurate about reality. No wonder Boroughs also tries to cover up sexual assault and engages in full throttle retaliation against people who complain about unlawful acts.

Worcester Police Break Up Inauguration After Party at Jesuit Residence

Eggplant Donor

Published: Friday, September 21, 2012

Updated: Friday, November 30, 2012 16:11

Early Saturday Morning, Worcester Police responded to noise complaints at Ciampi Hall, otherwise known as the College of the Holy Cross Jesuit Residence. The Worcester Police arrived at 2am on Saturday morning to a large get together comprised of about 30 Jesuits on City View Street. The Jesuits were enthusiastically celebrating the inauguration of President Philip Boroughs S.J., who was inaugurated earlier that afternoon.

When arriving on scene Officer Smith and Officer Brown were greeted by a sea of Jesuits singing “Hallelujah” by Rufus Wainwright. Among details in the public police report: the officers spotted the Jesuits drinking red wine from Chapel Goblets and craving their late-night munchies with Eucharistic wafers from the bag.

Worcester Police, who are typically used to dealing with rowdy college kids and underage drinking, were perplexed on how to handle to situation. The Ciampi Hall lies on Holy Cross property, yet isn’t governed by the Holy Cross Community Compact.

Under the Holy Cross Community Compact: “The College’s Code of Conduct applies to all students,” but not to Jesuits. With this loophole in mind, Office Smith and Officer Brown ask the Jesuits to lower their volume and wished them a god night.
When asked by The Crusader, why didn’t the Worcester Police enforce the Jesuit Party with the same strictness as they do with all Off Campus residents, Office Smith responded honestly: “It’d be a sin, to tell a Jesuit not to have a good time.”

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