516 Weeks to Go!

One month of the Vigil for Justice is already in the past.   It is amazing.  One month of one year of at least ten years.   At least 516 weeks to go, when I will make decisions about the next ten years.

When I made plans for the Vigil for Justice it was because I needed a new way of communication when no other communication was respected by Fr. Boroughs.  He has been the president of the College of the Holy Cross for almost fifteen months.   He acts like he leads a large corporation — he came from Georgetown — but he actually leads a small college.

I said a few times during the past month that I also believed I was not the only person who was being treated this way by the college, so the Vigil for Justice is needed.   That is the second reason for the Vigil.

After a month on this Vigil, both reasons turned out to be true.   I have met many other victims of sexual misconduct, including victims sexually abused by Jesuits at Holy Cross.   Those victims are expected to use a dismal process for reporting the sexual misconduct — their only contact can be the college litigator, who I know to be hard headed and aggressive.

And Fr. Boroughs continues not to communicate or address any problems;  all communication is futile.

So there will surely be 516 weeks of the Vigil for Justice at Holy Cross, and I am ready for it.

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