Retaliation, Cover Up and Conspiracy

I am getting all the material together for a fantastic story about the conspiracies the Holy Cross administration under Fr. Boroughs is engaging in, mostly to cover up their breaches of confidentiality and privacy and also to engage in retaliation.  Every so often there is something I can share here that won’t hurt the story too much, while I keep the rest private.

In the early hours of this blog, I had only told Fr. Boroughs himself about the blog — only Fr. Boroughs — in a clearly marked confidential communication to him.   Much to my surprise, visits exploded immediately.   None of the visits in the early hours came from a web search or any effort by me to tell anyone else.  All the visitors had the URL that I had only given to Fr. Boroughs, and some were contacted by email and visited through an email link from Fr. Boroughs.   It was too soon for search engines to pick it up.

Again, I had only contacted Fr. Boroughs, and it was labeled confidential, and I had been promised strict confidentiality by the Office of the President.   An easy to prove violation of my privacy.

Well, since I complained about these breaches, Fr. Boroughs has NEVER addressed it.  He never even inquired or showed he gave a damn.  In fact, he only showed he was peeved I caught on to the breaches.   So I saved the information for news people.    Here is one of the developments since.   After I complained about the explosion of visits from one confidential communication to Fr. Boroughs, Holy Cross has programmed a twice daily visit to my blog.   It is timed twice a day at the same time.  Here is the proof of when the visits happen, with some information deleted (like the isp address)  so the news people get it first:
12 Feb14:00:02

13 Feb07:00:02

13 Feb14:00:03

14 Feb07:00:02

14 Feb14:00:02

14 Feb20:36:09

15 Feb07:00:01

15 Feb14:00:02

15 Feb20:32:47

16 Feb07:00:05

16 Feb14:00:05

17 Feb07:00:02

17 Feb14:00:02

18 Feb07:00:02

18 Feb14:00:02

19 Feb07:00:02

19 Feb14:00:02

20 Feb07:00:02

20 Feb16:00:01

21 Feb07:00:02

21 Feb14:00:02

22 Feb07:00:02

22 Feb14:00:02

23 Feb07:00:02

23 Feb14:00:02

24 Feb07:00:03

24 Feb14:00:02

25 Feb07:00:03

25 Feb14:00:01

26 Feb07:00:02

26 Feb14:00:02

27 Feb07:00:02

27 Feb14:00:01

28 Feb07:00:02

28 Feb14:00:02

1 Mar07:00:02

1 Mar14:00:02

2 Mar07:00:02

2 Mar14:00:02

3 Mar07:00:02

3 Mar14:00:02

4 Mar07:00:02

4 Mar14:00:02

5 Mar07:00:02

5 Mar14:00:02

6 Mar07:00:02

6 Mar14:00:05

7 Mar07:00:02

7 Mar14:00:02

8 Mar07:00:02

8 Mar14:00:02

9 Mar07:00:02

9 Mar14:00:01

10 Mar07:00:02

10 Mar14:00:02


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One Response to Retaliation, Cover Up and Conspiracy

  1. Seems to me that this ‘group’ or ‘collection of beings’ that are linked to Fr. B. are about as hypocritical and uncaring as any group can be towards you and your open, honest and direct pursuit!! Pity the “sheeple” who fear honesty and the Truth! Maybe we should NOT be surprised,
    though the surprise may say plenty about our hope for transparency and open dialog in this whole matter. Where is their sense of empathy with the person who has been ‘hurt’ – hardly near what we know Jesus would provide, so far fom any type of Christian charity and compassion. We must pity them. Strive on, dear young friend, Kate! Love/PEACE, Elizabeth

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