Week 5 of the Vigil for Justice

This is the fifth week.   It was a nice day at the Vigil for Justice.   It began when a Jesuit stopped by and said encouraging words.   Soon after that, a campus public safety officer stopped to talk, because he knew my companion.  A short time later, a car stopped on the other side of the street, and the driver motioned for me to come over.  She was there with her daughter, a prospective student, and she wanted to know what this was about.   I think they could have listened for an hour;  they were both so intent on hearing about it.  The mom took my hand and held it.   People waved and honked and gave power signs, passersby said hello, cars slowed to read the signs.

What was missing?   Fr. Boroughs addressing the reasons for being there.

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3 Responses to Week 5 of the Vigil for Justice

  1. Dear Kate, I so admire your courage – and whatever other strengths you have to muster to endure the deliberate ‘silence’ on the part of the College administration while you stand up to truth and honesty.. A new Pope probably won’t help. I am grateful for the example you set for us all in your determination to hold your own truth to the Real Truth of God’s love for you. Is there a way to send you some other encouragement/s?? Cheers! Hope the weather gets better and better! Do take good care of your health – there will still be lots of work to be done when this issue has been resolved. If I come to Worcester again, how can I find you on the Hill?
    (Maloney Field on Cambridge St. is named after my maternal Grandmother’s father!) The cemetary there is full of relatives, including my parents and several sibs who died at birth.
    Five McGauley daughters survive! We are all praying for you. Cheers! Love/PEACE, Elizabeth

  2. Elizabeth, your support means a great deal to me. In the past month I have often realized that this time on the Vigil for Justice is a step up for me — a much better life than sitting home waiting in futility for a letter to get a response from Holy Cross. People like you make this experience such a privilege and especially meaningful.

    You have such deep roots in Worcester! I would love to meet you when you are next here. I expect the Vigil to go on through the third week in May and then back at the end of August, following the college calendar. My regular companion and I are there most weekdays for about 2.5 hours, but it will be longer when it’s warmer. The cold days are difficult when it’s windy and we’re just standing around. I think I have your email address from when you registered to post a comment so I will contact you with more details.

  3. Dear Kate, It is my great privilege to be able to offer this moral support – and I do want to make it
    more concrete – so I look forward to hearing more from you. I do look forward to meeting you yet.
    I recall writing to you through Frank Douglas the last time I heard you were at H.C. I am so grateful to know (as I had let it slip past me before) that you have a sturdy companion!! Bless you
    both. “Wherever there are two or more gathered in My name…” Sounds reall to me.
    Thanks for taking time to respond – like myself, you probably ought to be sleeping! Cheers!
    JOY comes in the mornin’… (This picture is a bit old – 2005 at a Progressive Coalition mtg. in Plattsburgh, NY- and my dear, good husband, a dedicated Presbyterian minister for 55 years, died four years ago unfortunately – Dudley was a civil rights activist for the PC-USA as well as pastor, and knew NJ better than the Gov!!. Love/PEACE, Elizabeth 518-483-9622)

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