Retaliation is Prohibited by Holy Cross Policies

Yesterday I received a pdf copy of the “Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment Policy and Complaint Process”  at Holy Cross from William J. Conley, the head of Administrative Services.   I had written to him because the college general counsel had said victims of abusive Jesuits must contact him, the college lawyer.   Conley replied there are also policies available to victims.

I read the policies and saw many problems that I contacted Conley about in reply.  One problem in particular caught my attention.   Retaliation is prohibited.   To say again, retaliation is prohibited.  And again:  retaliation is prohibited.   Did anyone tell Fr. Boroughs?   I did.   Yet he always ignored me.

I have experienced many retaliatory acts in the past year from the administration of Fr. Boroughs.   I highlighted this in my reply to Mr. Conley and I asked him to share this with Fr. Boroughs for a response from Fr. Boroughs.   The Vigil will continue until this and other problems are addressed with justice.   Since Fr. Boroughs lets the retaliation go on, and just as recently as a month ago allowed lies about confidentiality, this will be a long road.   I am ready for it.    It could end this week if there is any integrity left.

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One Response to Retaliation is Prohibited by Holy Cross Policies

  1. I am so sad (and VERY MAD) that you have had to put up with such VERY un-Christian-like attitudes and BEHAVIORS from a college President!! AND their lawyer!! And whoever else knows and does nothing to right this!! No surprise, also sad to say! You are amazing to be able to hold out against such meanness and lack of real compassion! WHAT is WRONG with these men??
    Do keep on posting your experience/s – they are valuable for your own truth/story and for others
    who do not have the courage yet to confront the System that seem to think that Jesus EVER was
    so mean and disrespectful to anyone!! Thank you again for your determination and courage; I
    know you do it for all. Has SNAP or Bob Hoatson been of any value to you? Love/PEACE,Elizabeth/ Malone, NY

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