Another Futile Communication to Holy Cross

This is the text of what I said this morning to William J. Conley, the director of Administrative Services at the College of the Holy Cross.   On Monday, he sent me a copy of a Holy Cross policy regarding sexual harassment.   This turned out to be the third document from Holy Cross that prohibits retaliation and promotes confidentiality, so I questioned how I can complain about the retaliation and what the college will do about confidentiality breaches.  If these things are so important, why does the administration practice retaliation and violate confidentiality?

I also asked about the new policy he sent on Monday, about WHO is  covered under it.   The policy says it is limited to current students and faculty, but Mr. Conley gave it to me as policies available to alums.   I wonder if he even read it before he gave it to me!!

I am sharing this text because I want everyone to see how futile it is to communicate with Holy Cross.   Let’s see what Holy Cross says in reply.

Mr. Conley,

Please get back to me immediately about three things:

1.  Where do I file a complaint about the retaliation I’ve experienced the past year from the Holy Cross administration?   It violates three policies of the college:  the Holy Cross Employee Handbook, the sexual misconduct policy, and the Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment policy.   The college lawyer participated in the retaliation.

2.  When and how is the college going to address the many problems with confidentiality?  I was promised strict confidentiality and it has been violated for ten years.   If the college president was wrong to promise it, that is Holy Cross’ responsibility.   The college is also responsible for the decade of breaches.

3.  There are issues with the Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment policy you provided.  Who does it cover?   It appears limited by its own terms.


An alum

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One Response to Another Futile Communication to Holy Cross

  1. After I sent this communication to Mr. Conley in Administrative Services, the college lawyer visited this blog. In other words, it’s obvious that Conley went to the college lawyer to handle it — even though the college lawyer is a participant in the retaliation.

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