Humility and Jesuits

It’s a day I am not going to forget for awhile.

A pope who is a Jesuit who acts with modesty and humility, as a leader of 1.2 billion Catholics.

Why won’t I forget it?

As a victim of an abusive Jesuit whose superiors were in four provinces, two countries and three schools, I have seen very little humility in the many Jesuits I have had to meet in seeking justice.   I can count them — about 3 of 12 showed any humility.  25%.

To be specific, I have seen no evidence of humility in Philip L. Boroughs, who has been president of the College of the Holy Cross, a tiny little college in Worcester, MA, for fifteen months, and acts like a super prima dona.

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2 Responses to Humility and Jesuits

  1. Dear Kate,
    Glad to hear/read you allowing for your experience here – hoping that this Pope Francis will set a better example for those who have a will to actually BE humble – it does seem to be e personal choice. I already have read of a few situations where even the Cardinal was not so humble – when
    the Human Rights folks came to see some Argentinian culprits, it is reported that they hid out in the Now-Pope’s summer island home to avoid interaction! Hmmm… we must continue to be very circumspect. I am grateful for your steadfastness and courage. Do keep warm. Cheers!
    Elizabeth/ Malone,NY

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