I Won on the Retaliation by Jesuits

Two Jesuit places — the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester and the New England Province of Jesuits in Boston, MA — have engaged in vociferous retaliation against me for exercising my FIRST AMENDMENT rights under the United States constitution on a public sidewalk.

Here’s an example that I give to people who stop to talk to me at the Vigil for Justice.

A few years after I graduated from Holy Cross, I earned a professional license. Even though every American and every non American who protests has rights under the US constitution, and I exercised those rights, TWO Jesuit places filed a complaint against my professional license. What the heck for? Apparently they think only crazy women use their constitutional rights.

Well, since I was at Holy Cross the whole week and just got back home for a bit of time, I did not get the week’s mail until this weekend.

I got a fat envelope from the state committee that examines professional licenses and I did not want to open it. My first thought was actually, “And which Jesuit place is making things up now?”, thinking it was NUMBER 3 with complaints. (The state committee always sends you the papers.)

I finally opened it, and there I saw in English that I was cleared. 100% cleared. There is no professional misconduct in exercising my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. It was a fat envelope because the state committee also sent me copies of their letters to the two Jesuit places, Holy Cross and the New England Jesuits.

I won. Nine months after the asshole Jesuits filed the complaints. Cleared completely. (FYI, they filed the complaints after the Hunger Strike for Justice last spring.)

So, if you read this far, please tell me how you think I should hold Holy Cross and the New England Jesuits accountable for the nonsense, for the vociferous retaliation for standing up for my rights. I want to hear some new ideas. I can be reached at vigilatholycross (at) gmail (dot) com.

My ideas have been to think of a person or organization that does important but unheralded work, and require the Jesuits to fund it, by raising new funds so as not to hurt the Jesuits’ current obligations. I’m probably going to continue that way, since I really do not need anything more for myself than I already told the Jesuits about. For example, I am requiring them to fund a legal project for low income people, a place that helps criminals and crime victims, and the Catholic Worker movement.

Anyway, I just posted this to say I won. But I still expect the Jesuits to throw more retaliation at me. Shoot the messenger, instead of dealing with it.

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  1. WordPress is screwing up the text today. There is always some issue with WordPress. I did not put the text in italics, WordPress did. Anyway, it was worth sticking with this to tell the story.

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