“You’re Doing a Great Job!”

So, I’m home for the weekend. Not at Holy Cross, not in Worcester, not in MA, not on the Vigil for Justice today. Home.

And I am walking down a city street to buy something at the corner and a car slows, the window opens, I see the car is full of young people and a young man yells, “You’re at Holy Cross!! You’re doing a great job!!” The car drives off, window open, and he gives me a raised fist thrust into the air.

P.S. I knew there are people from here at Holy Cross because I saw the stickers and decals on cars and license plates parked on side streets near the college. But I did not imagine this! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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2 Responses to “You’re Doing a Great Job!”

  1. elizabethhs says:

    Dear Kate,

    This is a great description of a radiant recognition!! Too bad we can’t all be just appreciating every one’s efforts to bring love and peace WITH JUSTICE into this life and turbulent world and times!!

    Keep up your good courage!

    Let your anger be your positive energy at ‘righting’ the wrongs that so need healing attention! You are brave and committed – a fine combination. I am so happy to be getting to know you! Gives me hope for the future! (Do I sound like an old grandmother-type??)

    More after my sleep test tonight! (NO snow here in Malone practically speaking!) Love/PEACE, Elizabeth

    p.s. I am still working on making some local contacts. I hope to be in Worcester about April 10th… shortly after my retreat with John Dear in PA!

  2. Elizabeth, thanks for the support! I was so thrilled to get this greeting on the street away from Holy Cross — it shocked me too! Good luck with the sleep test! I very much look forward to meeting you when you make it to Worcester. -kate

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