One Week Until the First Anniversary

One week from today, March 25, is the first anniversary of the Hunger Strike for Justice at the College of the Holy Cross. It is also the one year anniversary for when the College of the Holy Cross began to retaliate. Retaliation violates three written policies of the College of the Holy Cross, but so far no one has been held responsible for it.

Today I provided Holy Cross president Philip Boroughs with a new proposal that will go into effect on March 25, 2013. This proposal greatly increases the college’s obligation to provide substantial funding to the poor, as an act of penance by the college.

I wondered today if I should consider this the end of the first year of the ten year vigil for justice, which began March 25, 2012 with the Hunger Strike for Justice. That seems to make more sense somehow than saying it began this year.

More snow coming tomorrow, which ironically makes some of the vigil easier. Holy Cross is on a windy hill, but signs can be stuck into snow piles on the side of the road. So, onward, with one week until the anniversary.

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One Response to One Week Until the First Anniversary

  1. A life has been destroyed by the Jesuits clergy abuse and retaliations (running victim down in sanctuary the Thursday b4 a palm Sunday, with handcuffs in retaliation for telling of the horrific clergy abuse by the head Jesuit pastor, as they used police (standing on the altar, to run down victims, torturing a victim, leaving cuts, long time deep scars on victim of jesuit most severe sexual assault on a girl entering religious life) to harm and retaliate victims. Then having another Jesuit desecrate the Eucharist while the victim was responding to the Eucharist deeply, as the Jesuit broke the process dangerously with extreme violence, causing mental and physical breaks, is of grave hatred towards a victim.
    Then a relative of cardinal Dolan stalked the young lady with his hands and entire upper body forced thru the window of her car, with his hands at her throat, while she was a student at bard college north of NYC.

    The Jesuits and Dolan made sure this precious child/now lady would never be able to get an education or work again, with her genius IQ. Dolan left her without food or much water for over 30 days, with her blood sugar level reading 17. The director of a hospital said “”Dolan/the system/bard/all used by the roman catholic church and Jesuits/and retaliatory …will “””PAY FOR THIS SOMEDAY, THEY WILL PAY FOR THIS””””

    The roman catholic church and Jesuits left the girl to die, with their lack of conscience to take responsibility for their crimes against humanity.

    If Holy Cross and the New Jesuit Pope deeply wish to follow the goal of helping the poor,
    And of taking responsibility for their crimes against humanity, This lady could receive an education and whatever she needs and wishes in order to recover and succeed.

    Please respond to for ways to regain the life and spirit and education and capacity of this bright lady.

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