Retaliation or Penance?

The College of the Holy Cross has engaged in retaliation for a year, beginning it the same day last year that I began what was a 26 day Hunger Strike for Justice. I began the Hunger Strike on March 25, 2012. The retaliation began immediately. It intensified over the year. Recently, one of the college’s worst forms of retaliation was seen for exactly that, retaliation, when the college filed a complaint against a professional license I earned a few years after I graduated. The state committee that examines these things closed the case last week, saying I did not do anything wrong. Holy Cross and the New England province had tried to intimidate and retaliate.

Will there be more retaliation or will there be penance? Will the College of the Holy Cross ever take responsibility for its egregious failures and mistakes? We have a new pope who urges humility, but I have never seen humility in the Holy Cross administration or in the New England Jesuits.

This is the sixth week of the Vigil for Justice, and coming up on the one year anniversary of the Hunger Strike for Justice. All retaliation so far, no penance.

I think the Vigil for Justice will continue until there is penance. See, the Jesuits keep making so many mistakes, so I keep asking them to do more for poor people. That’s what I will do from now until the day they take responsibility. Every time they do something or fail to do something, and cause me harm, I will require that they do tremendous things to benefit poor people. That is their penance. And the Vigil for Justice will continue until the administration at Holy Cross accepts its penance.

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