Facing Evil

I’ve had to deal with many Jesuit provincials and administrators due to the complicated layers of Jesuit supervision over the Jesuit who sexually assaulted me. Jesuit provincials and administrators also change often, so I’ve dealt with several casts of characters over time. I found myself in an unusual position to know these men. I had the experience of trust being a good thing, but many more experiences of trust being betrayed. I am almost at a point of warning people to stay away from Jesuits and Jesuit colleges and schools. Why? You will see the evil that exists among Jesuits who lie, who are deceitful about many things, who betray trust whenever they want to, and who will do anything to avoid accountability and penance.

I see it now, evil, in the leadership of the New England province of Jesuits.

I was promised strict confidentiality by the New England province when William A. Barry, SJ was the provincial. Fr. Barry is a world renowned author of books on spiritual guidance. When I reported the sexual abuse, Fr. Barry brought up confidentiality and explained why he thought it was important. He promised me the strictest confidentiality, telling me no one else would know my name, where I lived or my story.

Every single New England Jesuit provincial after Fr. Barry has violated the strict confidentiality promised to me, but none were nearly as bad as the current provincial, Myles N. Sheehan, SJ, a physician who apparently does not even know what confidentiality means — or why would he breach it so often? I caught Sheehan and his lawyer red handed lying about confidentiality to cover up that they recklessly breached it. The confidentiality commitment is in writing, and the breaches of it are in writing. Still, they lie.

What does Sheehan do when I can prove this? Retaliate, and engage in hundreds more confidentiality breaches. These acts are intentional.

I have come to see it as evil. That is why I refuse to let the New England province of Jesuits provide any funding for the medical recommendations and expenses. But it is also why I have requested that they provide substantial funding for programs that benefit poor people. I have experienced too much evil to accept their money, yet I want to see accountability and I want to experience them accepting this penance. The New England Jesuits must take responsibility.

The Vigil for Justice will soon be expanding to include the New England province. But it won’t be the same. I sense no evil with Holy Cross, where I’ve been the past seven weeks, and I am certain that is because of new and old friendships. The administration at Holy Cross seems ambivalent, doing some things very well and being surprisingly bad at other things. It’s a mixed bag. I’ve really enjoyed my time there talking to people. The Vigil has been about making connections.

The New England province will be a different place for the Vigil for Justice. I am confident I will meet nice people passing by, and I will meet other victims of Jesuits. But right now I really have no interest in having any contact with the Jesuits there. And I told Fr. Sheehan that I will accept no contact from his lawyers, who have defamed me and who recklessly breach confidentiality and then lie about it. The Vigil for Justice at the New England provincial office will feel like facing evil…. Alright, enough of that. Once I get there and meet people walking or driving by, I’ll be okay.

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