More Kindness at Holy Cross Today

At the Vigil for Justice today, the kindness was everywhere (except from Fr. Boroughs, William Conley and that crew). Students honked, waved and put fists in the air. One young man stopped because he wanted to know more. A member of the campus public safety in his personal vehicle stopped to talk and was very friendly. The grounds crew was as cordial as ever. Many people who appeared to be staff or faculty waved and slowed to show support too.

This is what makes the Vigil for Justice so rewarding, and what makes it clear to me that I will stay with this for as long as it takes, another week, another year, another decade. I will not grow tired of this life. It’s better than waiting home for a response from Fr. Boroughs that never comes. Fr. Boroughs and his team will just have to get used to the fact that the Vigil is there for the duration, for as long as they take to accept responsibility for the thousands of confidentiality breaches, the lies about it, the cover up, and the intense retaliation. At least the time waiting at the Vigil is good.

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