Hate Speech at Holy Cross

I like to focus on the good — most of us do. At Holy Cross at the Vigil, most of the public contact is just fine. It’s normal. Some people want to know more — students, parents of prospective students, people driving by. We get a lot of honks and waves and raised fists. Someone brought us hot coffee on a bitterly cold day, someone else stopped to say she just had to say she believes me, because no one would do this for no reason. Lots of people like that.

So far, I’ve only mentioned the problems in the administration, not in the students.

The past two days I noticed something new and unusual. Young men passed by multiple times both days, coming in and out of the college, spewing hate speech each time. One made gay slurs, which is very provocative at a protest regarding sexual assault. The striking thing was his energy and effort, his intent to be hateful.

I decided to share this experience because it is part of the Vigil for Justice too.

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One Response to Hate Speech at Holy Cross

  1. Someone wrote a comment here that I could not post, though it was written with good intentions. It named people and information for me to reach people in Worcester and it shared some information that I do not want Holy Cross administration to have. The commenter is a wonderful person who supports victims of crime. I cut out personal parts of the comment and put a brief explanation in substitute. Here it is with the cuts and explanation:

    “I wish you could get the license plate number for this rascal – maybe his dad is the lawyer… well, not to get off track here… One of the things about tolerating dissent has to do with not letting ourselves become the very thing that we abhor, which I know you understand.

    I have written to….. (in Worcester, to support you.)

    Keep up your good cheer – and let us pray for those wounded souls who know NOT what they do with their meanness – which I ‘spect was heaped on them at some stage in their lives!”

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