The Enduring Memory of Rape

When you get a chance some time, read this story. It helps for understanding if you know someone who went through this experience, and it makes sense if you went through it yourself.

Waking Up to the Enduring Memory of Rape


THIS is what I know. When I was 16, after most everybody had left a big, alcohol-fueled party in a hotel suite, I passed out drunk. Then, a star football player at my Memphis high school picked me up off the floor, carried me to the bed and raped me. His girlfriend and one other male classmate were also in the room at the time. They did not stop him.

That was three decades ago. I don’t bring it up much. But it still comes up sometimes, in my head, anyway. Especially when I hear of a highly publicized rape, like the recent one in Steubenville, Ohio.

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