Hubris at Holy Cross, and the Demands of Justice and Penance

Philip Boroughs, the president of the College of the Holy Cross, uses William J. Conley, the head of Administrative Services, as his contact person for the Vigil. He is the one who ignored all of my concerns the past month, about where to report confidentiality breaches, retaliation, problems with policies, and the hate speech. Today at exactly 5 p.m., he sent a brief email only about the hate speech, and ignored all of the other issues. He knows he did that, because I had reminded him several times there are four problems. He responded at 5 p.m. today, just before the college shuts down for five days for Easter.

I decided a new penance is required of Fr. Boroughs and his staff and the Board of Trustees. I will count the number of hours it takes Fr. Boroughs to address all of the problems I brought to his attention. The penance will require that Fr. Boroughs and each member of his administration and the Board of Trustees spend an equivalent number of hours volunteering at crime victims centers, suicide prevention hotlines, and other places I identify for them. However long they keep me waiting for justice and accountability, they must spend equivalent hours volunteering with victims of crime.

That is the closest thing I can think of to fairness, justice, and an appropriate penance.

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