Dear Fr. Boroughs, Mr. Condron and the Holy Cross Board of Trustees:

This is what I will be doing soon if normal communication does not resolve the problems you’ve ignored for a decade and permitted to grow.

Jailed Bahraini Activists on Hunger Strike

Last Updated, 10 a.m. Two jailed Bahraini human rights activists — a father and daughter — have gone on a hunger strike and their medical conditions are worsening, according to a family member and a rights group.

Abdulhadi al-Khawaja and his daughter Zainab started their hunger strike last week after being denied family visitation rights, but they recently began to take water as their conditions worsened……

All of my evidence of futile communication will be ready to share with other people. I will provide many examples of the bizarre way Holy Cross handles problems — knowingly ignoring serious problems after making it clear they were told about the problems and did not just miss them. The problems are blatant confidentiality breaches and lying about them, retaliation, cover up and conspiracy to cover up, and allowing all of these problems to go on for years.

I expect Holy Cross to retaliate but there is nothing the college can do to me to cause me to stop using my constitutional rights. As long as I have life and breath, I will be there until this is resolved with justice and penance.

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