It Took Six Days for Him to Act

I said before that Holy Cross filed a complaint against the professional license I earned a few years after I graduated, when I began to protest.  I won it, and the case was closed.

That complaint was filed by Vincent F. O’Rourke, Esq,  who had taken the job of “acting general counsel”at the College of the Holy Cross six days earlier.   

He filed the complaint against me six days after he took the job as acting general counsel.  

Six days after he took the job.

Six days.

This is the kind of problem I run into with Holy Cross too often. O’Rourke’s papers were silly.  They were easy to respond to.   I did not like that I had to do that, but I did it because the state committee said it needs a response.

Then I won on the papers.  The state committee did not even have a hearing.   I just explained what Holy Cross keeps getting wrong.   And I won.

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