1. The quality of persisting; tenacity.  

2. The act of persisting; continued effort or existence.”

When I was a student at Holy Cross, a Jesuit priest (who is still at the college) spoke to me one evening in the Mary Chapel.   He told me he noticed a quality about me:  persistence.   He said this was noticeable because many people give up in the face of a problem or obstacle, but I don’t give up.   I persist.   He asked me if I noticed it.   Me?  I was wondering why he didn’t say how intuitive I am, or something like that.  Persistent?   It sounded like I was a nuisance.   No, he said.   It’s a gift.

So, while the Holy Cross administration delays addressing problems, using the same behavior it prohibits when students and staff do it — confidentiality breaches, retaliation, cover up, conspiracy to cover up — I just keep going on and tracking all of it.

Persistent.  Tenacious.

Remember Holy Cross:  it’s a gift.

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