A Fridge Full of Food

What do you do with a fridge full of food the day before a Hunger Strike for Justice begins? Feed it to the dogs.

I hadn’t had the time to plan much, since up until Monday I was leaning toward restarting the hunger strike in September. But then Monday came, and many things happened — for example, seeing that the college wants to hear about the hate incidents by students at the Vigil, but still ignores confidentiality breaches, conspiracies, cover ups and retaliation by the administration.

So, unplanned, I have a fridge full of food. Fortunately, nearly all of it can become dog food. For the duration of the hunger strike I am only having liquids — and nothing fancy. Just milk, tea, fruit juice, like I did last year. It’s amazing that I am doing this again.

P.S. My dogs eat “people food” — vet approved — roughly half the time, and kibble half the time. But I’ve been away so much and haven’t had time to make their food recently, and it is better to leave kibble with dog sitters. So this is actually a great outcome for my dogs.

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